Tuesday Tip: Flealess Pets

4 08 2009

Now, I don’t have any pets, y’all. But I do have a pet-nephew, Whitaker, so I know how pesky fleas can be. Here’s a tip to help keep those dogs and cats and your other furry friends pest free for the rest of the summer and fall while they’re spending those last days frolicking in outdoors.

Diatomaceous Earth is a natural substance that can be used as a flea powder. It is composed of the fossilized remains of single-celled algae, and can be sprinkled on lawns, carpets, or even spread directly on pets. It is harmless if accidentally ingested, but should not be inhaled, so be sure to take precautions and wear a dust mask and gloves, as well as reading any cautions that come with the product.

This is an inexpensive product that can be found at garden supply stores, but be sure not to use the kind that is chemically treated for use in swimming pools. Diatomaceous earth is also a drying agent, so leave it on your pet’s skin only for a couple of hours, and don’t use too often.

You can spread the powder outside around windows, doors, or foundations. Inside your home, you can spread it around windows, doorways, baseboards, and into the carpet, but be sure to take protective measures including goggles, and leave the house for a few hours after use (make sure to take your pets – especially fish and birds!). When you return, vacuum thoroughly.

Now, you have an low-cost flea treatment for Fido (or Fluffy, or Whitaker…).




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