Screen Door Series: Clyde, North Carolina

3 08 2009

Front Door

Front Door

Lost among the back roads of Clyde, North Carolina is a little cabin with two screen doors.  The front door ushers in the afternoon breeze that sweeps over Carter’s eastern mountains, and the back door provides the view of the sun setting over the Smokey’s.  These doors have seen the hands of many visitors, and the excitement of children and many layers of paint.  Nevertheless, they bear the nudges of hips when hands are not free, and heal the heart when life’s rotations bring hurt and disappointment. 

Opening this screen door opens up hours of rest. Its reliable creaks and slams bring comfort of the expected.  How could I not love this screen door?

Back Door

Back Door




One response

4 08 2009
Deborah Lambert

My favorite screen door of all!!! No matter how new the door or ornate the best one found is in this cabin in the mountains of North Carolina!!!
I love the fact that you appreciate its simple rugged beauty. It is true “shabby chic” before it became the name !!!

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