Tuna Casserole

29 07 2009

Tuna Casserole

I’m a big fan of the Pink of Perfection blog. It gives me daily inspiration, and lo and behold, Sarah is a displaced Southerner – a Texas native living in New York!

I was searching for a dinner solution last night, when I ran across this recipe for Tuna Casserole. Apparently, it’s a Southern-momma favorite, but I had never heard of it. Perfect for a dinner here in Florida when the temperatures are still sweltering in the 90s! The only heat I had to incur was to boil some water for the pasta. So I dashed home, whipped this up in my lunch hour (how’s that for quick?), and we ate a delicious and cool meal that was ready and fresh, even after husband was running late from work for dinner. Another plus!

The only adjustment I made to PoP’s recipe was that I sassed (I made a “sasserole” … haha… I know I’m so corny) it up with plain yogurt in place of the mayo. I’m not a big fan of mayo and I know, I know, it’s a shame to find a Southern girl who doesn’t care for mayo. But for those of you watching your figures, the yogurt was a great substitute! You could throw in some garlic, or other herbs and spices you had laying around, some veggies if you wanted. Even bacon! Yum. But this was pretty perfect as is.





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