Tuesday Tip: Air Conditioner Location

28 07 2009

Summer in the South is hot, y’all! I know I don’t need to tell any of us living in the South that these July and August months are scorchers. One of my friends up north likes to say that Southerners act in the summer like northeners act in the winter — we hole up in our houses, only dashing in and out between car to building as fast as we can.

And here’s to hoping everyone out there has air conditioning to get us through these months, but if any of you out there are thinking of installing units, whether they be central air, or those handy window units (my first apartment after college in Memphis, Tennesee had no air, and a window unit in my bedroom got me through the nights at least), here’s a tip for you.

Typically, about half of your utility bill goes to heating or cooling your home, so in order to save yourself a little money, install window air conditioners in north- and east-facing windows if you have the option. South- and west-facing windows recieve more sun and will make the unit work harder.

And don’t forget to close those shades or curtians when the sun is shining in! It may look bright and pretty, but no sense in working those systems extra hard! Plant some trees in strategic places too, and in a few years, not only will your property look prettier, but you’ll get some free shade for your home.




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