Alabama Week: “gods in Alabama”

16 07 2009
gods in Alabama

gods in Alabama

“There are GODS in Alabama: Jack Daniel’s, high school quarterbacks, trucks, big ****, and also Jesus.” This first line in Joshilyn Jackson’s book, “gods in Alabama,” sets the tone, as the main character Arlene Fleet escapes her small home town in Alabama, flees to Chicago and swears never to return. 

After twelve years and a deal with God, Arlene makes every excuse to avoid the demons of her past and a missing dead body.   With everything but kicking and screaming Arlene returns home to her prejudice family with her African American boyfriend, but this is the least of her problems.  More importantly she is dealing with an ailing, half-mad mother, an even crazier but strong willed aunt and a past which comes to chase her down on the dirt roads of home.

gods in Alabama,” relives the pivotal moments of Arlene’s life with strong southern personality, moving back and forth between the past and present to deliver a clever and entertaining storyline.  Catering to a female reader, this book is the perfect quick read for sweltering afternoons in the shade, dusk at the beach, or just curled up in bed this summer. 

If you tend to prefer non-fiction or more serious subjects (which have their place and are also enjoyable), you might choose something a bit more subdued. However, if you are in the mood to celebrate ALABAMA WEEK and need a book to pick up this summer, “gods in Alabama” is a great option. 

Happy Reading and enjoy ALABAMA WEEK!




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