Go Shopping!

9 07 2009

No, that’s not advice from my dear husband (I wish). It’s one of our Thirty Things Every Southerner should do! While Southerners are the least materialist folks we know, everyone just needs some pretties sometimes in life. Something to look at on your wall, or on yourself.

I guess what they say is true, because if practice makes perfect, then that makes me an expert shopper. Especially during the Southern months, I get that urge to spruce up my home, host dinner parties out on the lawn, and of course, accessorize when there’s nothing to do but wear a tank and shorts, and there’s just nothing I can do about it.

New York City might have Fifth Avenue. But we’ve got plenty of resources at our disposal to shop until we drop. And with all our bellyaching (some of it warranted, mind you) about the economy, for those of us that do just need a little reprieve from all the cautiousness around, there are plenty of deals to take advantage of.

So search out some of those great little boutiques your area, or better yet, head to one of the big cities such as Atlanta or Birmingham (The Summit is tops!), Nashville (OpryMills mall is an amusement park for us marathon spenders), Richmond, or wherever is near you.

And if it’s just too hot to leave the house, that’s why God blessed us with the internet!

Check out these adorable hostess gifts at Uncommon Goods. Or sip your drink of choice (sweet iced tea, anyone?) out of these reusable glass straws. Wear a pendant that expresses the Southern creed: Bless your Heart! Or enjoy magnolias year around with this Etsy original Alabama canvas. Better yet, grab one of these adorable umbrellas and sit out in the shade!

Where do you find your treasures?




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