Tuesday Tip: Iron Out the Details

30 06 2009

My husband is in the Navy. So we iron. A lot.

When I came across this tip, I jumped up right away and promptly obeyed. I’m looking forward to all those precious minutes in the morning this will save me. And isn’t that what Tuesday Tips are all about? Saving minutes, so I can languish over my breakfast and coffee a few minutes longer.

The Tip

Place a layer of aluminum foil on the ironing board under your cloth cover. This essentially doubles your heat, therefore halving your ironing work. This will also work great if you have delicates that can’t come in direct contact with the iron. Simply hold the iron a couple inches above your garment and let the foil get warm underneath. Since it doesn’t come in direct contact with the garment, voila!

Banish wrinkles (from our clothes anyway)!




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