Tuesday Tip: No More Watered Down Drinks

23 06 2009

Is it just me, or is it hot outside?  During this sweltering heat, my poor little heart desires a very cold beverage.  You know a drink so cold that it cools your body while restoring your soul, and somehow it helps you find the strength to live through another day of the humidity.  And NO, I am not dramatic!

To ensure my drinks are cold, I often pack a glass full of ice, but sometimes ice just isn’t appropriate.  With ice, your drink ends up watered down and frankly, becomes a boring mess.  To avoid such quandaries and also spruce up any old afternoon, try freezing green grapes.  They do not melt, are not made of yucky plastic (past trend), and when you finish your drink a treat awaits you. 

Frozen grapes are wonderful on their own (I can remember summers of stealing them out of the freezer for an afternoon snack), but in a cocktail or non-alcoholic beverage they can easily become your best friend this summer.




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