Bee Aware This Summer

22 06 2009

Pollination is something we rely on heavily to ensure fruits and vegetables are available in the grocery store and then later on your kitchen table.  However, without bees pollination can be tricky! Due to a variety of problems, colony collapse disorder, pesticides, killer bees, etc… bee populations are dropping rapidly.  With 3 bee hives currently (3 hives drowned in the flooding of the Withlacoochee River) we are doing our part to assist in the sustainability of foods.  While the work is hard, the benefits of having your own hive are endless and the simple pleasure of fresh honey is worth the effort. 

Our most recent honey harvest includes wildflower and citrus flavors, as this was the most recent meal of the bees.  Depending on the time of year Florida variations can include palm honey as well. 

My personal favorite honey treats include, wheat toast, a smidge of butter and lots of honey, as well as, wheat toast points, gorgonzola cheese, a walnut, and honey drizzled over the top.  Glorious!

Even if you are unable to raise your own bees, it is always important to be aware of such issues, as bees are a vital part of our daily food sources. 

Interested in more? Check out this program from PBS, Silence of the Bees.

Here are the pictures of our most recent honey harvest. 




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10 02 2013

What seriously influenced u to write “Bee Aware This Summer Sweet
Iced Tea”? I personallydefinitely loved it!
Regards -Micki

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