Grab Your Gear and Get to the Beach

16 06 2009

If you asked me to describe my perfect day at the beach, you might find yourself disappointed.  As I am paler than a white rabbit running across a green meadow, the sun is not always my friend, resulting in limited outdoor beach activities.  I do love a good day at the beach, but if you see me there, you will also see my umbrella.  The recent telling of some of my favorite beach stories to my boyfriend, made me tear up a little, as all the stories involve my family. 

Living in a coastal community, and on the water, provided plenty of beach days growing up.  There are pictures of my dad chasing me and my sister around the beach as toddlers.   We built dribble castles (taking the wet sand and letting it dribble into a castle like formation), swam in tide pools, prepared sand food, pretended to shave our legs with shells, etc…  You get the picture?  Two of our favorite beach activities included body surfing races or tandem body surfing.  Body surfing is surfing without a board. You catch a wave and just, go.  Dad is a fierce competitor, but on occasion one of us kids pulled out a win.  It was always a good moment to beat Dad.  We also rode a wave or two tandem.   Tandem included waiting for a BIG wave, jumping on Dad’s back and then holding on for dear life as the waves sent us to the shore.  I swallowed plenty of salt water on those rides. 

Pictures courtesy of

Pictures courtesy of

While my favorite beach days of old were full of activity, I transitioned to prefer a more relaxed beach day.  Now, I slather on some sunscreen, put on my hat, sit under an umbrella and catch up on some reading and people watch.  As I watch the kids play around me, I am taken back to carefree days and think about how good we had it.  We play bocce now, head into the water to cool off, and on the occasion catch a wave, and think about how good we have it. 

As you head out to the beach this year, I hope you create your own memories to share in the years to come.




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