A Sticky Situation

16 06 2009

I spent my college days working in the campus bookstore (heaven for me… I often joked I would work even if they didn’t pay me, just to be around all those books). We bought an endless supply of Goo-Be-Gone removing sale prices, putting new stickers on, removing those again when the item went back on sale. And on and on and on the cycle went.

So the other day, when I purchased some lovely summery glass vases, I was frustrated when those stubborn stickers wouldn’t unstick themselves from the pretty bottoms. I reached for my trusty Goo-Be-Gone, and Goo! It was gone!

With my mind on the recent Tuesday Tips feature, I figured there had to be some solution out there, so after a quick Google search (what did we do before you, beloved Google?) I found out that good ol’ olive oil (or veggie or whatever kind of oil you’ve got in the pantry) will do the same task. Lo and behold, the stickers came off smooth as can be! Guess I don’t need Goo-Be-Gone after all. Make sure to rinse off the now slippery surface with lots of soap and water (or run it through the dishwasher, if appropriate).

I also hear toothpaste will do the job as well, but I can’t attest to that this time. We’ll give it a go next time I’m stuck in a sticky situation.

Until then… give us your trusty tips!




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17 06 2009

Hi there….nice blog 😉

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