Summer Seasonal Veggies

10 06 2009

Just a friendly reminder about what’s in season here, on our first official full day of summer! Thanks to supermarkets, any item of produce is throughout the year, and sometimes I tend to forget what is at its peak. But there is nothing like biting into a fresh peach at its juiciest.


One of the yummiest treats I’ve ever experienced was during my college years, when I had the privilege to live with a roommate whose grandfather was the prize winning tomato grower in Ripley, Tennessee. Whenever she would go to visit in the spring, she’d bring back a bagful of ripe tomatoes. A sliced, salted tomato is one of life’s greatest pleasures. A meal on its own!


So if it’s been a while since you’ve picked up one of these items, try and make your shopping this week totally revolve around these summer delicacies.


















Chile Peppers

Sweet Peppers


Summer Squash





For each season in a great chart form from the Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture, here are the links for Fruits and Vegetables.




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