Cityscape: Around San Antonio

29 05 2009

While the San Antonio Riverwalk might be for tourists, I did not object as the temperature is MUCH cooler down below the city, near the water.  Coming from a city (Jacksonville) with little to no outdoor seating at restaurants (yes, that is a true shame), it was so exciting to see nothing but eateries with outdoor options.   Normally I am not the girl who runs to the popular or trendy spot of the moment.  Truly, I prefer to dig a little deeper and find the gem in the rough, but the Riverwalk was ideal and perfectly situated downtown. 

Riverwalk 1

riverwalk 2

riverwalk 3

The Alamo, while smaller than I expected, is still pretty darn interesting, and worth a trip.  The Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) keep the Alamo in pristine shape, with beautiful gardens behind the existing building.  Plus, thanks to the benevolence of the DAR, entrance is FREE. Who doesn’t love free? 

alamo 1

Alamo 2

Alamo 3

One last spot to highlight includes The Majestic Theatre.  You only need to look at the pictures to understand. 

The Majestic 1

majestic 2

majestic 3

I hope you enjoyed this little trip to San Antonio.  Who knows where we will take you next?




One response

2 06 2009

Love your pictures of San Antonio!!! Can’t wait to plana visit there.

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