Tip Tuesday: Picnic Chips

27 05 2009

From those right below the Mason-Dixon line to those of us a little further down South, it’s just about perfectly prime picnic weather. Picnics are romantic and quaint, but from the instant you settle onto that red and white checkered blanket there are problems. Mine usually consist of those pesky little red ants, lukewarm juice, and worst of all… crushed food that I’ve so painstakingly packed.

So here’s a little tip to help cushion the blow to all those sandwich bags filled with goodies.

After you’ve packed your Miss Vicki’s Salt and Vinegar (my favorite) chips, or sandwiches, or cookies, or whatever you like, seal the bag almost full, then stick a straw in and inflate the bag so the extra “puff” cushions the crushing to and from your grassy destination.




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