Cityscape: San Antonio

26 05 2009

Our exciting Cityscape is San Antonio, Texas.  Ok, so there are blogs dedicated to just Texas, but it is a southern state and I would be sad to leave it out of our postings. 

This was my first visit to San Antonio, and I must say that I really enjoyed the city.  Overall the people are extremely friendly, the outlying areas are beautiful, and I most enjoyed the approach to renovation and preservation of original buildings.  I plan to share lots of my photos, but today, I thought I would mention a few of my dining experiences, and send you on your way (or not) to dinner in San Antonio!

Cascabel Mexican Patio- This relatively new spot in San Antonio is not far from the Riverwalk area and worth the effort.  If you are in the downtown region, simply hop on the Blue Trolley line and jump off at South St. Mary’s street.  This colorful dining spot is located directly across the street from an elementary school, as a result, alcohol is not sold, BUT you can bring your own.  Isn’t that fabulous?  I must say that my meal at Cascabel was the trip favorite.  I enjoyed mole verde, accompanied with marinated cactus, black beans and rice, and 2 corn tortillas. Normally, I skip the black beans served with meals, but these were so delicious I could have nearly licked the plate.  I also selected homemade lemonade (delicious!) to drink.  Overall, this spot was lovely and devoid of tourists (even better), and I would recommend it to any visitor or San Antonio native.   If only we had Mexican food like this at home.cascabel

cascabel 1

cascabel 2

Liberty Bar- I was so excited to visit this local favorite in San Antonio, as the reviews were positive. However, I was sorely disappointed in the entire experience.  Cool building, bad food.  San Antonio is warm and a chilled avocado soup was on the menu, sounds exciting, right? Wrong! It was horrible.  Soup it was not, but perhaps more of a green, sour cream dip.  The waiter even offered me chips to dip. Luckily, I ordered the cup and not a bowl.  To boot (pun completely intended, as I was in Texas), smoking is still permitted in Texas restaurants and this did not assist with the overall experience.  While I hate to suggest that visitors dine in the tourist district, but a cheap margarita and quesadillas on the Riverwalk would be a much better experience than eating at the Liberty Bar. Don’t go!!!

liberty bar

Little Rhein Steakhouse- Not much in the way of food, but the restaurant is perfectly situated for the best breezes, people watching and views of the river.  Have a salad (tomato and blue cheese) and a cocktail and then head on to better places. 

Little Rhien

Mi Tierra Restaurant and Bakery- This twenty-four hour eatery and bakery was so exciting for me. It is the destination for all tourists in San Antonio, and that is because it is beautifully ornate, food is good and inexpensive, and the mariachis are entertaining.  I adore color and this restaurant is covered from top to bottom with every possible type of color whether in the ceiling décor, figurines, or murals and somehow it isn’t too tacky. Go figure! Breakfast is available all day (I love that), and if you are bored during your visit, something is wrong with you!

Mi Tierra 1

Mi Tierra 2

Mi Tierra 3

Tomorrow we will have lots of other fun things to post from my trip.  See you then!




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