Tuesday Tip

19 05 2009

It is raining today in Florida. It rained last night and it is supposed to rain tomorrow.  As a result, here is a little tip for Tuesday.  Use the heat in your car to help diffuse your hair and avoid “the frizz” (we posted about this before. To read, click here).   I was mumbling under my breath on my way to dinner last night, as I forgot to pack a bit of extra makeup and the always needed hair straightener.   Rain + humidity = bad hair.  A bad hair day can ruin everything.  Even with an umbrella, I could feel my hair growing as I ran from work to my car.  However, as soon as I started the car, I cranked the heat and my hair began to return to an acceptable size.  Yes, I get big hair in the humidity and it is not pretty.  Believe you me; it is why I always have a hair tie ready and available.  

So, if you can stand the heat in your car, it will help to diffuse the craziness of hair effect by humidity.




2 responses

19 05 2009

And what Southerner doesn’t know how to stand the heat?? Great tip… who knew!

12 07 2010
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[…] time of year every year, we think about the Frizz Issue. Remember this article by Becky and this Tuesday Tip last […]

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