Bold City Brewery

4 05 2009
Bold City Brewery

Bold City Brewery

Microbreweries seem to be starting up everywhere, and while the notable breweries are in such places as Denver and Seattle, Jacksonville has a new brewery to add a pint of competition.  Bold City Brewing offers not only the comfort of smiling faces, and sincere conversation (which I love), but it also has really great beer.  For a sunny Saturday afternoon, the indoor tap room was relatively crowded and our crew was excited.  Is there anything better than a new experience, especially when it comes to food and drink? I think not!  

The intimate setting of the tap room creates a welcoming atmosphere, which compared to the exterior, a simple warehouse, sets the tone for the entire experience.  Let it not be contested that the physical brewery is also an interesting room full of old beams, and 12 pane windows. 

My dad is a home brewer and absolutely loves the brewing process.  While I am interested in the hops, the chemistry and overall process, I am far more interested in the finished product in my glass. Needless to say, dad was the most excited I have seen him in years, and who wouldn’t be with such an excellent selection of beers.

All first time visitors are treated to the extensive beer sampler which includes the entire range of light to dark beers, and each one is worth a sip/gulp.  Depending upon your tastes, you might end up with a porter, a chinook (my dad’s order) or a rye beer (my order).  After a tour of the brewery with owner Susan Miller, and our apologies for dad’s interjection on the molecular breakdown of the hops while boiling, we finished our beers and even purchased a few souvenirs. 

The beer is great, the owners gracious, and overall Bold City Brewery is a place you need to visit.  Plus on Friday and Saturdays from 4-10pm a limited menu is available.  If you can’t make it to the brewery, they are now featured in many restaurants all over Jacksonville.  Have you been bold lately?




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4 06 2009

Glad to hear you had such a good time and I hope you will come see us again soon!

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