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25 04 2009
Supper Club

Supper Club

If you could dream up the most fantastic of ultimate, pie in the sky, dream jobs, what would it be?  Would you be astronaut, mother of 1.5 children, or cashier (as kids, my cousin always wanted to be a cashier, as they kept the money in the drawer)?  Asking someone about their dream job can be telling, but whether good or bad, I love to ask and dream myself. 

I dream of the perfect dining experience.  As the daughter of quite possibly the most critical of food critics, I delight in the thought of a perfect meal.  While food is 75% of what makes a dining experience, the remainder is divided between service and atmosphere.  If any of those areas are lacking, I might question a return visit. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love dining out, but prices are high and sometimes you just cannot justify returning. 

Keeping all of this in mind, I dream of supper clubs.  While I am drawn to the idea of dancing around the floor with Fred Astaire, I am more intrigued by the idea of attending a hotspot which might be secret, and for which I got the last 2 reservations of the night. A few years ago, on the do-it-yourself channel, Create (the best channel EVER), I found an excellent program, The Endless Feast.  On this program, “a top local chef celebrates the bounty of a particular region by creating tantalizing menus with local specialties, examining the origins of each dish while dining in picturesque al fresco locations across the United States.Intrigued? Well, the program got to me and I have been dreaming ever since. I dream about sitting outside under a huge oak tree where candlelight dances on the leaves.  At one long table old friends, new friends and strangers enjoy an exciting southern supper.  We converse and generally relax without the confines of walls.  Come now, you must also think this sounds fabulous?

Luckily, my dreams are not too far off. In this month’s issue of Garden and Gun magazine, southern supper clubs are examined as a whirl of interesting food, people and atmosphere.  Made popular by groups of friends enjoying family style dinners, supper clubs are growing in such cities as Austin, Athens and Charleston and then extending the invite to include others.  Many dinners take place on back porches, dining rooms and in backyards.  While hundreds are dreaming just like me, finding a reservation could be difficult, but I would imagine it is worth the fight to experience your dreams realized. 

What do you dream? Have your dreams been realized or are you still pursing the ideal?




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25 04 2009

Loved the article. Is there anything more wonderful than dinner under the stars with family and friends? There is something always special about breaking bread together, laughing, and elbow to elbow dining. The memories created last a lifetime.
It’s not so hard when everyone brings something to the table that is their signature dish. Themed “Supper Clubs” are awesome. Greek night, Mexican Fiesta Night, Thai cuisine, Southern, – the possibilities are endless. Such fun too!! I’m already planning one!!!!

27 04 2009
Dana Johns

Okay, now I’m dreaming of a supper club! If we lived close together we could start our own. 🙂

27 01 2010
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