Victory Garden

22 04 2009

We hear a lot these days about the “green” fad. Ok, now anyone who knows me knows I’m not the great naturalist. Despite being a Southern girl, I’m not as much of the outdoorsy type as I wish. My dad took me and my sister camping countless times as a girl (poor Daddy, no boys to train in the great wild wilderness) until we got old enough to realize that showers were a beautiful commodity. And my mom grew up on a farm, but I just did not get that green-thumb-girl-scout gene. Wish I had.


But this year, I vowed to start a small garden. Now hear me, I’ve started really small. So far, all I’ve gotten around to is a small herb window box, and I’ve ordered a couple of citrus trees from the garden shop to plant this weekend, but slow and steady wins the race, right?


But the other day, when I saw a commercial for a Gardening video game for children, I was appalled. Instead of twiddling their thumbs on the couch, how about getting those fingers dirty in the real plant bed? How about, instead of spending $40 on the latest Nintendo DS game (which I’m guessing the little ones will tire of in a couple of weeks), take that same $40 to the local greenhouse for some seeds, and enjoy fresh vegetables with your dinner all summer long!


Kids are natural gardeners. They’re curious to learn. And they love to be outside. The fresh air is much better for most of our little ones (and us!) than sitting on the coach for hours. And I can only imagine the excitement of seeing a finished product that they grew with their own hands! I won’t even mention the health benefits you know of eating all those fresh veggies!


Here are a couple of great websites to aid you on your gardening pursuits. (Side note: I’ve found, when I don’t know much about a certain topic, often books and sites for children are just the perfect “beginner” level… I don’t know what this says about me, but we’ve all got to start somewhere, don’t we?)


Earth Easy – Includes the top 10 plants to start with young children, as well as some great tips for tools and location (hint, hint: reuse that old sandbox they’ve outgrown as a raised bed… genius!)


Amazing Moms – Simple plant starters, garden party ideas, and some great products


Any tips from you seasoned gardeners would be much appreciated! Grow green!






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