Pets, Tears, and Movies

17 04 2009

Truth be told, I am a weeper.  I weep over Publix commercials, American Idol victories, and films with animals, but especially when animals are hurt or die.

With the recent passing of a family pet, I was reduced to tears at work, cried when I realized she wasn’t at the back door, and find myself saying good morning and good night to my beloved, buried in the backyard.  That probably seems pitiful to some, but I am practically crying while typing.  My mother says I am tenderhearted, but sometimes it is a bit ridiculous. 

After Jellybean went to heaven (yes, that was her name), I started reminiscing about all of the sad, classic films starring animals, of which some are based in the south.  As an adult, it probably isn’t a good idea for me to watch those films, and this is mainly because as a child I can recall wailing over “Where the Red Fern Grows.” It is exhausting just thinking about that story.  Tissue anyone? I also turned on the water works for Bambi, and Old Yeller.  If there was ever a sad movie award, Old Yeller would take the cake.  While Old Yeller is set in Texas, another movie with a southern backdrop and equally sad story is The Biscuit Eater.  This 1940 movie, set in Georgia examines the struggle between father and son, and the love between son and his dog.  I wouldn’t want to give away any details, but I would recommend you save the film for a rainy day. 

While I continue to weep over everything, are there any films or music that you associate with your pets?





One response

11 05 2009

I don’t get to this blog often enough, but I recently watched Marley and Me with my Aunt. We did not know the entire story but thought it would be a nice and cheerful animal story since she had just lost her dog of 18 years. It was HORRIBLE. I mean, sure it was a good movie, but it was so emotionally draining that I cried for ours and then went home and hugged my fur children tightly!

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