To Live and Love Spring

2 04 2009

Flowers and plants in their natural state can be some of the most peaceful things to admire.  Buds, and blooms always bring to mind thoughts of spring and new beginnings.  Fresh cut flowers light up any room and usually do not require much fuss.  When it comes to flowers, I am of the opinion that less is more.

While the world is at the cusp of spring, we are experiencing a bounty of all things beautiful and new.  As the bees buzz, and the butterflies soar, whites, pinks, and purples abound.  It is a sight to behold.  The trees rejoice to find themselves once again clothed in robes of green, and they clap their hands as the wind says a gentle hello and whispers, spring is here. 

Spring could be my favorite season. However, I usually find myself in love with the dawn of each season.  It is all silliness really, but to experience the seasons with a heightened sense of appreciation, your life with never be the same. 

Here is a bit of the bounty this year. 

Camellias in Bowl

Camellias in Bowl


Cut Spirea by Window

Cut Spirea by Window




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