Swimsuit Season

24 03 2009

Summer and bathing suit weather is quickly approaching, and even though temperatures are mild and rainy this week, now is the time to start preparing.  During the winter months, I graze swimsuit sales, and try to buy a few separate bottoms or tops, and match with things I already have, but this year I MUST buy a new bathing suit.  This is not a drill.  I need a new bathing suit.  You might be in the same predicament (and it is a predicament, because bathing suit shopping is of the devil), and should note the life of your swimmies.  Here are a few reasons to get a new suit:

·         If the bottoms are in any way transparent

·         Faded colors

·         If your bathing suit sounds like a crinkling trash bag when you pick it up (that actually happened to me…it means the suit is old!)

·         The elastic is hanging down to your knees

·         If you are required to lather up just to get the poor thing on your body

·         When the tankini rolls up to your bosom

·         If your suit blends in with the sand

·         If the last time you purchased a suit was in the 80’s, or for that matter early 90’s

If you are in need of inspiration, check out Charleston designer, Maria Dobrzanska Reeves and her new collection of swimwear for women and children, Marysia. The collection is absolutely beautiful, and the pieces for children are precious.  If you are a proponent of buying local, then this is your girl!


Happy Shopping!



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