Adam Shaw

7 03 2009

"Mcclean" - oil - an original painting by Adam Shaw - McClean is a street in mid-town Memphis, where Mr. Shaw calls home

I bought my first piece of original art at 21, as a college graduation present to myself. Before this, my walls had happily been decorated with prints and mass-produced canvases from Kirkland’s, craft stores, and the like (and some of them still, happily are!).

But I had wondered into a gorgeous gallery in Mountain Brook, Alabama, and seen a piece of art that so spoke to me, that it practically took my breath away.

Before this, I could appreciate art in an aesthetic way, from the “Arts in Western Civ” appreciation I had gained in college, but it had not yet spoken to me in a very personal way.

But when I saw a piece by a Memphis-based artist, Adam Shaw, I knew I had to have it. It now, proudly hangs in my bedroom, and I plan to take another (hopefully fruitful) trip to Memphis and Mr. Shaw’s gallery later this month to purchase my second piece to hang in the living room in our new house.

There are so many talented Southern artists. It’s worth stepping outside of our comfort zones, and finding one that speaks to us. Then, not only do I have a beautiful piece of original art to touch you everyday, but a great conversation piece.

Warning: To those of you who bear a certain level of that classic Southern propriety, there is a good deal of nudity contained in Mr. Shaw’s paintings. While I certainly don’t enjoy gratuitous nudity, I believe Mr. Shaw’s paintings always deal respectfully, and that some representation of the human form is appropriate in art, but I will leave that up to your judgment.




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