The Frizz

23 01 2009

I once read an article in the Charleston magazine about the horrors of all horrors, frizzy hair, or as the writer coined it, “the frizz.”  As a younger, southern woman, frizzy hair is just part of my daily life, and I have come to accept that where there is humidity, there is frizzy hair. 

I laugh to think about big hair in the south, and how the hair in some southern cities never truly moved out of the 80’s.  Hair so big, surely something has to be holding up that coiffe.  Hair so big, that you could lose items for years, or find nesting birds.  Even as adults, my sister and I still chuckle when we see such women, and those inner little girls find glee in such ridiculousness. 

80’s hair turned out to be such a winning idea in the south, because not only could you avoid “the frizz,” but you could force your hair not to move for days on end.  Humidity makes your limp and frizzy.  It sounds crazy, but it is very true.  On my best hair days, I am confident, bold and generally encouraged, but if there is an ungodly amount of humidity in the air, my hair/day becomes frizzy in no time.  No matter the amount of time spent drying, and then straightening each section of my hair, all is lost on humidity. It is defeat of the worst kind.   Big haired people avoid “the frizz” with excessive teasing and hair spray.  (Just in case you were unaware, aerosol cans are still in production because of the south. Every good southern woman has a jumbo can of aerosol hairspray).   With teasing and hair spray, you trick your hair into an unnatural, but strong hold. 

With the onset of winter and some of the coldest days on record, I am currently relishing in the best hair days of my life, and attempting to forget about the looming summer.  I feel like I could be in a Pantene (choose your brand) commercial swooshing my hair back and forth in the sunlight.  Truly these good hair days should be documented, so one day my children will not look back and think of their mama as having horrible hair, and blaming all of their hair woes on me.   Note to self: dispose of all summer pictures with bad hair. Take rolls of film with winter, frizz free hair.  Cannot look like this:





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