17 12 2008

You all KNOW we Southerners love to share. We’ll share our recipes, our kids, our favorite vacation spots and even our favorite restaurants (that’s what this blog is all about!!). We’ll share just about anything, except maybe our men.


So when my friend Amanda presented me with the most adorable gift last night, a set of homemade sugar scrubs, I asked her if she would share the process. They smell amazing, and feel even better on my poor dry little “winter” skin. So when she finally admitted to me that it wasn’t her original recipe, but that she got it from a friend, it was no surprise.


So here goes, I’m sharing with you an easy, and special homemade gift for those last few people on your list that you haven’t gotten anything for yet. Come on, I know you have them! (I know I do.)


If you’re a miracle worker, or perfect, and you already have all your shopping done, make up a batch for yourself to reward all your good holiday work!


1 Cup Oil (recommended: sunflower oil with vitamin e – but any light color oil will do)

2 Cups Organic Cane Sugar

A few drops of the essential oils of your choice (you can find these at massage places, or even on

A few drops of food coloring of your choice


Mix it all together and bottle it up! How easy was that?




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