Thanksgiving Table

24 11 2008

Thanksgiving memories include a range of excitement, family, friends and far too much food.  The years of Thanksgiving feasts encompass a complete sit down dinner with all of Memaw’s china and silver, and the longest table I can remember, or perhaps I was so small and it appeared so large.  Large Thanksgiving dinners with all of the extended family and out of town guests were buffet style, and left every man to find a seat for himself.  If you wanted to get a seat in front of the television for football, you had better elbow granny and jump to the front of the line.  My favorite Thanksgiving dinners are similar to the ones my family hosted last night when everyone is at one table, with only one table conversation, not several.  The intimacy of the table, and those seated around the table make it the perfect dinner.  (Since my immediate family is heading to Waynesville, North Carolina for turkey day, we celebrated Thanksgiving with the family early this year).


For that perfect and intimate Thanksgiving table, an excessive amount of detail or décor is not required.  Simple can be best, as a result, we can start with the food you are serving.  Lucky for us, most Thanksgiving dishes are green, gold, orange, white, yellow, and brown, and if you are anything like me, you pair many of the colors on the platters, and on your plate!  These colors also happen to be some of the traditional colors of fall, and finding these colors in your backyard or down the street at the grocer is lickity split easy.

Start with a dark color table cloth, as this not only hides food stains, but is also easier to match.  While ideas are plentiful, especially with Martha’s help, you probably need to use the remains of this year’s pumpkin patch excursion before they are a complete loss.  We found white pumpkins and they are beautiful! Orange pumpkins are just as wonderful, as are all gourds and varied squash selections.  You could even use the fallen leaves in your yard, accompanied by a golden pen for seating cards.  Adding a colored napkin, a small arrangement, and perhaps even a fun set of silverware will complete the table. 

With more time to spend preparing the piece de resistance, the turkey, you can relax and focus on the importance of Thanksgiving and be reminded of all you are thankful for this year.  Plus you will not want to forget your manners and leave your guests to stare at the floor while you are running around like a mad person.  (See A Taste of Southern Hospitality, 2 posts down).  





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