A Toast to Southern Hospitality

20 11 2008

At Sweet Iced Tea, we love the idea of guest bloggers, especially those who love the South.  As a result, I am elated to introduce you to a wonderful friend, Dana Johns.  I asked Dana to be a guest blogger at Sweet Iced Tea, as she is the epitome of a Southern Lady and exudes all of her wonderful Southern qualities wherever she and her husband travel.  Dana herself is a Toast to Southern Hospitality and her parents should be proud!


Howdy, y’all!  I am pleased to be a guest writer on the Sweet Iced Tea blog and hope to provide you with some food for thought!  Earlier this year my husband and I relocated to Kentucky, bringing us back to an area reminiscent of our southern roots (albeit northern Florida roots).  One of the things that I enjoy the most about the south is good ‘ole Southern Hospitality- and yes, it deserves to be capitalized.


With the holidays rapidly approaching I cannot resist the urge to offer to my family, friends and strangers the many facets of Southern Hospitality.  Folks who do not carry “southernness” in their blood may discredit what we call Southern Hospitality, seeing it as disingenuous and a performance.  Oh, how they are mistaken!  I will spare you any sociological debate here, but suffice to say that those of us who love the south know the true meaning of Southern Hospitality.


While there have been some cultural changes to Southern Hospitality through the years (when was the last time a stranger arrived at your door on horseback after days of travel and you offered him your bed?), the basics still apply.  Here are a few tried and proven ways of how to share Southern Hospitality during the holidays and all year through (Ludacris, take note):

·         Open your door to all who may enter: During the holidays we often feel stressed with the mounting pressure of hosting, gift shopping, visiting, etc.  But remember that the whole point is to ENJOY people and share your love for one another.  Be more hospitable to your guests (friends and strangers alike) by staying relaxed and enjoying yourself, too!  When your cousin calls and says he wants to bring an extra guest for Thanksgiving dinner, put on that Southern Hospitality smile and say okay!

·         Provide food and shelter: Southern Hospitality simply couldn’t exist without food, and you don’t have to be a top chef to provide your guests with simple comforts.  Again, the key is to ENJOY yourself and your guests!  And if you don’t have enough beds to go around, provide the young folks with an old fashioned pallet of blankets.

·         Don’t forget your manners: While not everyone these days adheres to the “Sir” and “Ma’am” rules of the old south, it does provide not only the tone of southern hospitality, but respect as well.  Always treat your guests with love and respect!


Some of you may be thinking that all of this is common sense, but just view it as a friendly reminder to relieve some stress this holiday season by allowing yourself to burst at the seams with some good ‘ole Southern Hospitality.  I promise it will make you feel good!


 (And just to prove that the last blogger wasn’t joking about finding the south trickled throughout the world, here is a photo from Justin Timberlake’s restaurant that supposedly offers southern food.  I can’t say that I’ve been there and cannot tell you if the atmosphere screams Southern Hospitality…but it’s worth a try on your next visit to NYC!)





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