William Eggleston

18 11 2008


Even if you’re a displaced Southerner, living somewhere else in this great big wide world, or if you’re just a Southerner at heart, you can find vestages of the great South everywhere you go.


Once such example is in New York City. New York City?!


William Eggleston’s southern gothic photography is being featured at the Whitney Museum of American Art now through January 25th.


Eggleston was born and raised in Tennessee and Mississippi, where he was always interested in art. He attended Vanderbilt, Delta State College, and then later the University of Mississippi, but never finished his degree. MOMA’s curator of photography, John Szarkowski, called Eggleston’s work “perfect.” But many disagreed. In those days, photography was only considered art if it was black and white. Mr. Eggleston used a dye transfer printing that was used in advertising and the most expensive process available.


However, Eggleton was surrounded by influences and friends such as Andy Warhol. And his ordinary subject matter of nothings and nobodies gained popularity, even winning him a commission of Elvis Presley’s Graceland home. He has produced many works that have been compiled into books of his photography, and Eudora Welty commented that “The extraordinary, compelling, honest, beautiful and unsparing photographs all have to do with the… mundane world.”


His art has been featured on the covers of records by Jimmy Eat World and Joanna Newsom.


See a slideshow here.




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