Fried Okra

21 10 2008

You know, pretty much anything fried is simply wonderful, but I have a particular affinity for fried okra.  Okra season ends in November and you do not want to miss out on the fun and simplicity of frying it at home.  All you need is canola oil, buttermilk, flour and sea salt.  Yes, it is that simple.


When we were little, my mom would cut up the okra into smaller bits, and the mess ensured the treat would not be served again until the following year. Only recently did we discover that you can fry the okra whole, not miss out on any of the fried goodness and also spare yourself a heap of mess. 


You will need 3 bowls, a flour sifter (if you have one), a hot pot of oil, and something to collect the okra with, preferably a slotted spatula.   








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22 10 2008

Try frying in rice bran oil instead of canola oil. I just read about rice oil in Cooks Illustrated and it wins hands down over canola oil.

19 04 2013
Food Friday: Okra Combinations | Sweet Iced Tea

[…] favorite foods — from one of the key ingredients in gumbo to a delicious batch of hot, fried goodness — we’ve featured okra on many a post, and many a dinner […]

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