14 10 2008

Oktoberfest may have ended last week in Germany, but we are keeping the spirit alive here in the southern states.  This past weekend, we served an Oktoberfest appetizer, paired with homemade wheat beer. 

In my mind, I see the old Oktoberfest, where the spirit of the festival is not lost among the throngs of tourists and debauchery, but rather thrives on the heritage.

Bavaria once plagued by food shortages was forced to decide if yeast should be given to the local breweries or the bakers.  Since bread appeared to be more of a necessity (!), all ale was produced without yeast and today all beer served at Oktoberfest must stick with tradition and lack the unicellular organism.

Publix, the best grocer in the south, and their GreenWise department has an ever expanding selection of products.  Lately, I love their chicken bratwurst, stuffed with feta and spinach.  We paired ours with a spicy, honey mustard, sweet pepper sauce, and sweet pickle.

Living to Love fall

Living to Love fall




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16 10 2009
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