Big City Bread and Mamaw’s Red Velvet Cake

10 10 2008

Big City Bread stole my Mamaw’s famous Red Velvet Cake recipe.

Well, let me give you the whole story in their defense. My sister lives in Athens and whenever I go to visit her, we must frequent her favorite breakfast restaurant, Big City Bread. (I’ve even seen a celebrity there!) They have delicious pastries, coffee, and yummy treats. So when Bree got married to her sweetheart last December, she asked Martin (the Bakery Manager) to cater. Our family really loves breakfast, and any excuse to eat pastries, so her reception was a big spread of scones, mini quiche, and for the cake–Mamaw’s special recipe for Red Velvet Cake. Everyone claims to have the best recipe, but compared to Mamaw’s, they are all dry, dry, dry. So Bree stressed to Martin the very importance of the Secret to the velvetiest velvet cake that happens to be red. It was yummy, the wedding was beautiful, the pictures divine.

Months later, Bree runs into Martin at a Athens city bake-off, where various eateries in the city showcase their best stuff. And what was being served, but Mamaw’s Red Velvet Cake cupcakes. Gasp!

Well, luckily, our Mamaw is one of those gracious people that thinks recipes are meant to be shared and enjoyed by all, so she didn’t mind. Now, if you go to Athens (and I highly recommend you do!), and have a breakfast or lunch under the sparkly lit trees of Big City Bread (a must!), you can find Red Velvet Cupcakes in the pastry window. And you too can have a bite of heaven.

And if you aren’t in the Georgia area any times soon. I’ll give you the Secret to what makes Mamaw’s RVC so tasty delicious!

But you’ll have to come back Monday to find out…




4 responses

13 10 2008

what would be even better than the secret would be the recipe! 🙂 i bet it’s delish!

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