College Football

2 10 2008

It is true that southerners do love a good social event, and while Ginger might disagree with me, I bet that most love a good college football game.  The NFL cannot capture the excitement, anticipation and all out dedication exhibited by college football fans, the band, occasional fire throwers (if you attend FSU games),


FSU-Colorado Game

FSU-Colorado Game

and the sheer power of a group of young people screaming for a football team.  I do love college football.  While I do pull for a particular team, I still would like to visit The Groves in Oxford, or look at the mountains in Asheville. 

While college football is fun everywhere, us Southerners do have our own little traditions.  Seeing folks dressed up to attend a football game seems to be a long standing tradition at Ole Miss, but it is catching on everywhere.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I love wearing dresses and getting dressed up, but there is nothing fun or pretty about sweating while all gussied up for a football game.  Maybe this wisdom has come with my old age, as I have moved past the point of really caring, but I would rather wear a pair of shorts and flip flops and call it a day.  Nevertheless, overly dressed college students make for good people watching.  In fact, any southern college football game makes for good people watching!

Half of the fun of tailgating is the food and this past Saturday there was a smorgasbord of tailgating food in Jacksonville. I saw kabobs, armadillo poppers (stuffed jalapenos wrapped in bacon), fish, burgers, and enough bartending items to serve a stadium.  Unfortunately, my friends are convinced that subs are the way to go, but I am ready to have my own little spread for a game and bring all the fixins!

Perhaps next time….






One response

7 10 2008

I do love a good football rivalry (especially this season! 4-1!!!!), but I’m a basketball girl through and through. Comes with being raised in Kentucky.

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