Fall in Florida

30 09 2008

Fall in Florida isn’t exactly the same as the rest of the south, but we have experienced a few cooler days in the past week, and it sends me reeling with excitement.  And by cooler, I mean, 75 degrees and it is practically heaven.

Year round, I dream of sweaters, and hot chocolate, pumpkin patches, and pot roast.  Fall is finally here and I couldn’t be happier.  I don’t know about you, but I am generally a happier person in cooler weather. There are no bugs to swat, no humidity and no need to sweat unnecessarily!  Everything is more enjoyable, from college football and tailgating to waking up and hoping to stay under the warm sheets a few minutes longer.

As Ginger mentioned in her last post, fall brings to mind a fresh start, and I would take it an additional step and consider it a time of renewal of spirit.  Some might relate this time to spring, but fall is when the real work begins. The leaves are changing, and although the change prompts future growth, you must work to prepare a harvest or plant the new garden.  The work (whether spiritual or physical) is what establishes us and lays a foundation to build upon.  New leaves cannot bloom if the old ones remain.  The work is often a process of putting off with old habits, and establishing a new course and taking time, which usually stretches through a cold winter, but there is hope as spring brings forth the new vine and the old is forgotten. 

Fall is all of these things to me, but I do love the cooler weather.  I probably live in the wrong state, but living in the south, you know that you are never too far away from a glass of sweet tea and smile, no matter the weather. 

Happy Fall! 








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