Happy Fall, Y’all!

22 09 2008

Well, today is officially the first day of fall. Nothing like a crispness in the air to bring about new beginnings. Even though our trees change a little bit later down here in the South, something about local stores carrying fresh notebooks, seeing those big yellow school buses back on the roads wants me want to put on a plaid jacket and head out to a farm for apple-picking and a hayride.

Around here though at SIT, we’d like a fresh start of another kind. Summer brings busyness to us all, but Becky and I had a whirlwind summer, and can’t wait to get back to regular blogging about all the delicious things that are happening around our wonderful Southland.

But before we begin with a renewed force, we want y’alls opinions. We enjoy doing this, but we want to make sure what we’re doing, you want us doing. So, we’ve made a short survey (just 8 questions, I promise!), that we hope you’d help us out with. We’d love to hear from you, so if you’d answer a few short things about what you like and don’t like about Sweet Iced Tea, we’ll gladly see what we can do to please!

Here’s the survey!

Also, feel free to shoot us a line at beckyandginger@gmail.com. We’re always glad to hear from our friends!




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