Beefy Boy Matthew McConaughey

28 08 2008

The ride home from work can often be a tempestuous time, full of impatient people and crazy drivers. I like listening to the radio on my way home. The human interest stories on NPR and the hysterically horrible top 20 hit list, make my 30 minute trip home ever so interesting.

At some point over the past couple of weeks I found out that Texas born beefcake, Matthew McConaughey was now the voice of the beef industry, but it was not until last night that I had my first listen. His southern draw is simply heavenly, and honestly, I could just sit and listen to him talk all day and night. You know there are some lookers out there, but the moment they open their mouths, you could walk away without a second thought.  But Meaty Matt is gorgeous and strapped with an accent that is simply wonderful!

I am pretty certain that I could download this commercial to my computer and listen all day at work. Forget the beef, I will take an order of Matthew McConaughey for dinner.





2 responses

10 09 2008
Big John

He really is Dreamy! I can never get me enough Matthew!!!!

15 09 2008

I’d take McConaughey for dinner over beef any day!!!

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