Bowties & Bowties

23 06 2008

Good morning, all! Well, we made it to the teeny town of Dahlgren, Virginia where we will be spending a month here for my Matthew to attend a training session related to his new job. I’m used to the big Southern cities–growing up in Nashville, Birmingham, Memphis–so I’m getting a taste of this small town living thing. You know, I kinda like it. We drove into “the city” this weekend to shop and see a movie, and all the traffic stressed me out much quicker than usual. But no matter… I’m holed up during the week with a stack of books, movies, and my trusty laptop. I’m also surrounded by a beautiful setting to take long morning strolls in. Plus, I know there will be many weekend excursions to various attractions and historical locations nearby, so I know the time will pass by, and before I know it, I’ll be back!

However, the relaxation will have to wait, because today I have much planning to do for my anniversary! It’s hard to believe I’ve been married two years, but it’s true. And while I’m enjoying this small community immensely, the nicest restaurant in town is called “The Crabby Oyster,” and while they cook up a yummy seafood dinner, the atmosphere is just not quite the romantic dream one might hope for. So, I’m gonna fill all you in with my plans (I hope my honey doesn’t read this before he gets home tonight!) for the evening. Well, some of them. Wink.

The idea was inspired by the traditional anniversary gift. We try and stick with the traditional theme, which can inspire creativity, especially when that suggested gift is Cotton. But, I might have it easier than most. My cute, preppy husband is a rather snazzy dresser, and like all good Southern boys, has an especial penchant for bowties. Therefore, the theme is Bowties this evening. I bought him a sharp outfit, complete with a trio of new bowties, and found an Italian restuarant that will prepare delicious pastas to go (I’m limited with only a microwave for warming in our little suite). I plan to get bowtie pasta, served in a large, steaming bowl. It’s neater than long noodles to eat on a date anyway. And I can’t think of a more romantic and beautiful meal than Italian foods.

The “table” (computer desk in our room) will be pulled out to the middle of our living space and covered with a lovely black and white checkered tablecloth along with red (cloth, of course) napkins. I’ll complete the romance with long tapered candles (I’ve been eyeing new crystal candlestick holders anyway, so this is the perfect excuse to buy them), and I plan to stop by the florist this afternoon for a huge bouquet of fresh flowers to make the table beautiful.

So, there is your complete Second Anniversary plan, celebrated in home away from home style. I know June is a popular month for weddings, so if you have an anniversary coming up, or just want to treat your Special Other to a sweet night in, come up with a theme that is special to you. Perhaps your man is a hunter. How about a new accessory for his weekend morning hobby? Presented alongside a yummy meal of duck or venison. I know you have some stashed away in your freezer. Or a string of pearls, served after a buttery dish of oysters? Use your imagination and most of all, give your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife a long hug or kis and make sure you look into their eyes and tell them you love them today.

Now if I can only figure out what to wear and pull a rumpled dress out of the suitcase!




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23 06 2008
Big John

Bout time. I have been waiting!

9 07 2008

Hello again, I am in New Orleans, however I am excited you are enjoying Virginia so far. The traffic can be stressful just try not to let it get to you hunni. My best friends family belongs to a marina near where you are, and I love going down to the river. However I am excited to hear more about your time in Virginia, and you get the magazine Virginia Living, just to give you a taste of the state. And perhaps you will wander into fairfax, where I am from!

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