Road Trip Goodies

2 06 2008

So tomorrow my husband and I leave for a 2 month vacation incorporating some time in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Virgina. You can expect some posts from all over the south as we travel about this summer, and we can expect hours upon hours in the car, hundreds of dollars in tanks full of $4-per gasoline, several books on tape, and of course, road trip snacks!

I always feel a little sluggish after traveling, and one of the reasons is that we all sit for longer than we’re used to, and then aren’t properly fueled and hydrated. Man cannot live on Gummie Bears alone.

Hopefully you’ll be getting out somewhere in these coming beautiful summer months, so below are some suggestions to pack in a little cooler, and head across the South, or at least down the road to your nearest park for a day.

·     fruit (or fruit leather)–especially apples, grapes, blueberries, bananas and strawberries travel well. Avoid juicier fruits as oranges and peaches.

·     crackers with peanut butter or cheese

·     flavored soy nuts

·     rice cakes

·     bagels with spread

·     trail mix or chex mix (If you make this on your own, you can customize this based on your particular families’ needs… don’t like peanuts, just leave them out!)

·     pbj sandwiches

·     cookies or some appropriate Rocky ROAD brownies

·     chocolate-covered pretzels

·     granola bars

·     candy

If you’re lucky enough to have a place too keep your blue ice cool, pack:

·     string cheese

·     biscuits with ham, sausage, or bacon

·     juice boxes and diet soft drinks

·     And of course, plenty of water (don’t worry about stopping often… the journey is the destination. Plus it’ll feel good to stretch your legs!)

Don’t forget to include pre-moistened wipes or some casual cloth napkins for the journey, and you’re all set for some summer fun!

Where do you plan to visit this summer?




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