When I think of a southern summer….

28 05 2008

So, we decided to collaborate on our thoughts of a southern summer and what comes to mind when we think of each of our daily southern topics.

Southern Cities

Becky: Summer in the south is just hot.  No matter how good Matthew McConaughey looked in “A Time to Kill,” sweating hours on end is just icky.  Savannah and Charleston are pretty warm during the summer. Afternoon rains combined with humidity, so think you could cut it with a knife, make for interesting vacations.  Plan to visit indoor places or walk with ice cubes.

Ginger – When I think of summer in southern cities I think of being so excited to be shipped off to camp on a big bus with dozens of screaming children; or spending those precious two weeks at Mamaw’s each year where all us children ran around creating “cousin clubs” (I was the oldest, and therefore president of each, of course); or Daddy’s famous road trips,  14-day “vacations” where we would see every landmark in a 100-mile vicinity. (p.s. – to any of you that think the South is “too hot,” we went to New England one summer for a respite from the heat, and it was consistently between 98 and 104 the entire time).


Becky: I hear music all the time, don’t you?  There is constantly a tune running across my mind and if you asked me about music in the summer, I would probably start singing Martina McBride’s “Independence Day.” Silly but true.

Ginger – Summer music… hmm… so many good memories, and almost each one to a great song. “Dancing in the Moonlight” comes to mind immediately as my quintessential summer tune. But with iTunes and so many other easily accessible music download websites, make a point to make your own life soundtrack for summer with those songs that make you smile.


Becky: The movies have provided us with great visual images of what goes on down in, God’s country.  I think of courtroom scenes with women in cotton, button down dresses, fanning themselves as perspiration builds in their hairline, and men in suits, praying for a moment’s rest. In all actuality, most people don’t sit around fanning themselves, they find water. A pool or beach, lakeside or creek, river or pond is where you will find most southerners in the summer.  Neon colors, mullets, and acid wash denim are sure to make an appearance as well.

Ginger – Favorite folks to spend time with during the summer: family. As much as possible. Things move a little slower, life is a little lazier, so soak up as much time with these folks especially as possible.


Becky: As mentioned above, water is key.  So if you plan on visiting or preparing for summer, a few things that you might need include a fishing pole, inner tube, sunscreen, canoe,  slip-n-slide, raft, pool chair, jet ski, or sadly, water shoes.  Those things are hideous but they do serve a purpose on slippery rocks.

Ginger – When I was a girl, we used to go camping each year, as a mark of the beginning of summer. Lots of bug spray and only foods that can be cooked over the fire. Another favorite classic pastime is catching fireflies. There is nothing better than nodding off into a warm summer’s eve with a  jar of sparkly insects as your nightlight.


Becky: Anything cold.  Why tempt fate and turn on the oven?

Ginger – Speaking of foods that can be cooked over the fire, I could live my whole life on s’mores. S’mores and strawberries during the summer. But, we can’t live on graham crackers and marshmallows alone, so here’s a tip from our friends over at the NY Times for a few more meals to get you through the hot months — Summer Express: 101 Simple Meals Ready in 10 Minutes or Less.

What are some things you think of when you think of a Southern summer?






One response

1 06 2008
Dancing in the Moonlight

Thank you for naming Dancing in the Moonlight the “quintessential summer song”. We really appreciate it.
King Harvest

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