Memorial Day

25 05 2008

As a kid, I suppose I never fully understood the meaning behind Memorial Day.   To me it was just another day with no school, and that itself was reason to celebrate.  I recall swimming at the beach for hours, swimming until my eyes burned from the sun and salt water, running through the hot sand to grab a popsicle and a sprite from the house, making dribble castles, jumping waves, and bodysurfing. When the grills and coolers were all put away and the summer sun finally set, I looked forward to collapsing into bed with wet hair and the ceiling fan on high, and reminding myself to not roll over or risk getting aloe all over the sheets. 


The beach was my family’s backyard, it was our little glimpse of heaven and as the shore became littered with tourists on Memorial Day, we could share knowing they loved it as much as we did.


As an adult, I still view Memorial Day with the same child’s heart, as I gleefully enjoy the sun and sand (only with a hat and gobs of sunscreen), but now with the perspective of years, I see this day as more than just a day at the beach.   


Memorial Day, is a day of remembrance, a day designed to preserve the memory of fallen soldiers on duty.  This remembrance is paired with heart felt thankfulness, and appreciation for those who lost their lives and for those currently serving.  Now, I think of the USO greeting soldiers in Atlanta; I think of folded flags, and mother’s tears; I think of fireworks on the National Mall and the 21 steps taken by the guard at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier; I think of stormed beaches and bravery throughout the years; I think of yellow ribbon and evening prayers. 


If you have never made a pilgrimage to our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C, please let me encourage you to make a trip.  As a kid, I loved the city. As an adult, I still love the city.  Not so much for the politics, although it is intriguing, but more for the monuments, memorials and museums.  Even the most irreverent find their peace along the mall. 


Following Ginger’s last post, and the need to retreat from certain aspects of media overload, I hope to seek out an individual serving our country at the grocery store and say thank you, hug my friends currently serving, and say an extra prayer with dinner.  


Since we are on the subject of food, here is what we are serving at our Memorial Day feast:


Greek salad with cold watermelon

Lamb shish kabobs

Wild Rice

Beef hot dogs (for the kiddies)

Tabouleh with extra parsley and red pepper

Hummus and pita bread

Red, white and blue cake








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27 05 2008

Happy official Start of Summer!

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