Media Fast

23 05 2008

When we were kids, don’t you remember the coming of May as a time when we all burst out of our houses, FINALLY enjoying the beautiful weather, freedom from the tyranny of four walls and a roof?


So what’s happened to all of us? Why do I find myself at the end of spring, still pastey pale and free of the bug bite badges of summer? I’ll tell you what happened to me: cable television. I grew up with 5 channels my entire life and survived just fine, until I entered college. It was then that I discovered the wealth of mind-numbing programming included in the cost of boarding at my dorm room.

About that time, my sweet and concerned parents, worrying about me driving back and forth on a long stretch of highway by myself, purchased me a cell phone. Then Mark Zuckerberg invented Facebook… and the rest is history. A long, dark, closed in history (ending with me now wearing glasses… thanks Mark, you owe me $400 dollars plus the cost of frames.)


So that’s why Sarah’s challenge, from over at Pink of Perfection, came at the perfect time. She’s challenging all interested parties to a 7-day “Media Detox.” So for those of us, especially the lucky ones privileged to live in the gorgeous South, with so much world at our fingertips (this World does NOT include a mouse, remote, or Bluetooth), who need a break from the dull life—I’m heralding, along with our friend Sarah, a break from the madness!


I know there are endless supplies of media entertainment at our fingertips these days, so it would look different for each of us, but here were my own personal official rules:


1.      NO television (movies at the theater, or any checked out from the library were o.k.; I later added home videos)

2.     internet and computer only at work as necessary (except for updating the blog and checking all you good folks who e-mail us at

3.     cell phone only for short communicating-with-a-purpose conversations (no more traveling down the road, calling folks up just cause I’m bored)

4.     Zero magazines. Period. (and for not once looking at all those ads with products I MUST have right now, I actually saved a bit of money that can hopefully go towards our new house!)

5.     Radio only in the mornings on the way to work for traffic (CDs and music on iPod acceptable)

6.     Kindle is acceptable (it IS my new toy, afterall, and who could object to books? even if it’s on a screen with buttons.)


Basically, the intent was not to cut all media out of my life entirely, but just to be conscience of why I’m using it. And you’d be amazed at how much I accomplished and how much fun I had without those endless hours obsessing over the newest pictures posted on the Stalker Feed on Facebook. And as much as I love The Office reruns, is that really a necessary thought right before bed each night?


My media fast started on a weekend—Saturday—eek! But I wanted to get the weekend portion of the 7 days over with. Luckily, this happened to be a busy week for me. But I squeezed in a lot of fun, where there would normally be a black hole of time.

Saturday – I enjoyed sitting at the beach with friends most of the day Saturday, just talking and enjoying the pretty weather. We had dinner with my cousin and her husband that night.

Sunday – The day of rest. We took a nice long nap, then went to see the new Narnia movie (super good, by the way!).

Monday – I pulled out nine tapes worth of home videos and laughed my sides split at my junior high chicken legs.

Tuesday – visited three houses with my realtor.

Wednesday – looked at seven more houses with my realtor, found THE house, then had a yummy calzone dinner outside with a friend at the Pizza Palace in San Marco (got some of those bug badges finally).

Thursday – went to Book Club, cooked dinner with hubby, cleaned out closet/gave clothes I’ve “shrunk in the dryer” to Goodwill.

And today – well, who knows what today will hold, but it’s my last day of the self-imposed Media Fast, and I think I’m going to kind of miss it. Maybe we’ll pack and hop in the car for a spontaneous Memorial Day weekend road trip. Maybe we’ll get dressed up and go to dinner. Maybe I’ll have to pull out those home videos again and reminisce.


So, you see how much more time I spent with family and friends, read two books, finally went through all those files that Matthew had been bugging me to sort through, found a potential house that we’ve been dragging our feet on for months, slept a decent amount, worked out every day!


So sit down, pen a list of your own rules, then eek out some time to sit on that front porch, make some sun tea the old-fashioned way, mend those pants whose hem fell out last fall, or just sharpen a pack of pencils. I promise, it will be the most restful week of your life. Maybe I’ll just stick to these rules for the rest of the summer!


What do you do to detox when you want to cut out some of the unnecessary drone that creeps into life?







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25 05 2008

you are amazing!

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