A Thank You

22 05 2008

Earl Davis Thompson

In any given lifetime, there are countless people that impact our lives. Parents, a high school teacher, aunts, a grandmother, college roommates, best friends.

Most of the people that have a significant impact, we know personally. We can talk to them, tell them how much they’ve meant to us.

But I believe we tend to forget the millions who have significantly impacted our lives, that we’ve never even met–our United States veterans. I’ve been lucky enough to know many people in my life who have served or are currently serving in our United States military. Most importantly, my husband, Matthew, who is a Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy, and my Papaw, who served in the Army during World War II.

One of our plans for this summer is to visit the new WWII Memorial in Washington, D.C. But if you can’t get there anytime soon, there is a way to honor a veteran in your life. Visit the Honoree site to create a profile for your friend or family member who has served. Or just search the listings and see the many brave men and women who have served our great country faithfully. In honor of Memorial Day on Monday, plan to thank a veteran in your own life who has served so valiantly. Without them, this country wouldn’t be nearly as great as it is today.

If there is one thing we Southerners are, it’s Patriotic. And as the great Lee Greenwood sings so powerfully, I’m PROUD to be an American!

Who do you know that has served us in our armed forces?




One response

28 05 2008

I fully encourage you to vist the wwII memorial in dc, as it is my favorite city and I love it so much:) If you need any suggestions on what to do in the city, especially the abudent free entertainment, such as jazz in the smithsonians sculpture garden on friday evenings and such drop me a note. The Arlington National Cemetary is also a beautiful place as I have a grandfather buried there~barbaraanne

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