Live Oak Trees

13 05 2008


If the landscape of southern life is characterized by comfort food, warm and generous people, accompanied by a nod at a full life, then the backdrop of southern life are live oak trees. 


Tangled branches reach for the sky, leading you wonder if the tree lived upside down.  Long moss bow from branches, making everything seem a little bit older and easier to love.  In the daylight, live oak trees appear to be a fortress, untouched by the surrounding world but her arms extend to all those in need of protection and adventure.  Dusk, “the place between wakefulness and dreams,” proves her most beautiful hour, as the sun dances on her leaves and trickles between the limbs.  And in the twilight hour, she is austere, but ornamental. 


Live oak trees are appropriately named, simply because they live and remain green all year long.  It is the state tree of Georgia and in Texas they can appear in large groups, often referred to as a mott.  While there are many staples of southern life, the live oak is one of the most reassuring.  Saluting your return home from travel and also welcoming newcomers, live oaks are a greeting of their own.


Much like her caretakers, the roots and branches precede her, providing history amid each ring, heritage in her shade and comfort to the soul.  Withstanding time, her story goes on and is passed down to new generations.



Love, miss, cherish a live oak today.  




2 responses

14 05 2008
Big John

This is good! Well done and agree whole heartidly!

21 04 2010

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