Tournament Players Club

9 05 2008

Don’t you just love live sporting events?  The raw, intense physical ability of athletes at the peak of their careers.  The sweat, the emotions, the energy of fans. 


Who am I kidding? I am pretty much here for the party. Thank you, Gretchen Wilson.  Live sports are great for people watching (one of my favorite activities) and socializing.  I know enough about sports to be dangerous but when it comes down to the brass tax of things, I would rather sit and chat.  Certainly there are those who would agree but I do realize the picture I am painting…everything is always, “the good ship lollipop” and blond curls.  Oh that Shirley Temple. 


Among the various sports, where is socializing and people watching the best?  No where else but golfing events.  The TPC (Tournament Players Club) is currently in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida at Sawgrass and the people watching is nothing short of spectacular.  Entire smorgasbords of southern people attend and prime viewing is at the 17th or 18th hole.  You have the mullet man in denim standing next to the pristine princess in her high heels (somehow she is planning to walk all day, or perhaps she just emerged from her chalet to ruff it with the penny goers), and miraculously she isn’t sweating at all.  Somebody must have enlisted her help to aerate the greens. 


Other interesting characters include foreigners (northerners) in socks and sandals, the single man with binoculars and he isn’t watching the golfers, a reunion of every southern fraternity, the gaggle of tweens, and the “meeting,” which pulled every man from the surrounding 200 miles, out of the office.


If you were ever in a need of a polo shirt one to two weeks before the tournament, the pickins are slim.  Wonder why? Just attend one round and you will be confronted by a sea of pastel and khaki.  Stores ship in extra shirts for the weeks prior, and still you see people leaving the tournament with new ones.  It is a wonder.


Despite the joking, I do enjoy sitting a bit, watching the crowd, the golfers and realizing the world can sometimes be so entertaining. 







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