Southern Mother’s Day

7 05 2008

Just in case you forgot, Mother’s day is Sunday, May 11th.  That is only 4 days from now!  If you are now overtaken with panic, don’t get your panties in a wad.  There are plenty of ideas to take care of your southern mama and make her feel like a queen.  Since Wednesday is the day for Folks (see our About page), it is the perfect time to focus on our southern mothers.  Mother’s Day is not only about pampering, a do not lift a finger type of day, but also doing things for mother dear that are a bit out of the ordinary.

Gift Idea #1- Brunch

Make reservations for brunch (your treat) at an establishment that isn’t the run of the mill (nice hotel, water front restaurant, your house – gasp, sigh!).

During brunch, present mommy dearest with a corsage of fresh flowers and/or a certificate for six months to a year’s worth of flowers.  All women (yes, all women) love flowers and the debutante in all of us especially adores a corsage.  No matter what she says, flowers are always appreciated, especially when they are given for no reason at all. 

Your mom will think it to be day of only brunch and flowers but you have more planned! Follow up the flowers with a membership to a local museum, historical society, or garden club and also present her with a piece of authentic art. 

How often do you see the kiddies’ art displayed on the ice box, only to eventually make it’s way into the garbage pail? Shame on you!  Why not preserve your children’s art and place in a colorful frame?

Brunch, flowers, membership, art.  The mother in your life will be elated. 

Gift Idea #2 – Picnic

Put together a picnic for a local Mother’s Day music event .  The picnic could include items such as fresh bread, wine, cheese, cured meats, fresh fruit, a cold salad (pasta, barley, or black bean and rice salad) and perhaps even dessert.  These food items are just suggestions but select things your mom enjoys or wouldn’t expect from you. 

A part of the gift could include a new event chair for your mother, along with a cd of related music and a book which coincides with the concert.  Even if you are unable to travel, a backyard picnic with a CD player could be just as magical. 

Gift Idea #3 – Breakfast in Bed

Who doesn’t love breakfast in bed? Really, it is simply splendid.  This gift is perfect for shipping or to deliver in person.  Pamper your mama with a pocketed lap tray, and stuff the pockets with a magazine subscription to Southern Living, or Town and Country, include a copy of your favorite piece of southern literature, a book mark, new slippers, and the ever important box of tissues. Just for kicks, you might also include a framed picture of yourself. 

If you are shipping the gift, make sure to include a bag of stone ground grits, a cured meat, biscuit mix + a recipe, a jar of marmalade and honey, and citrus for good measure. 

If you are delivering the gift in person, make sure to prepare all of the meal at home or be prepared to clean up the mess at mom’s house. 

Your mom is your mom and “many women do noble things but she surpasses them all” (Proverbs 31:29). No matter the gifts given, with love exchanged, the day is certain to be a success.  






2 responses

7 05 2008

I’m doing a form of one of these for my mom, but since she’s probably reading right now, I won’t say which one! But great ideas!

8 05 2008

The best a mom could ever have is to spend time with her children but if she can’t since her children live so far away the three way phone conversations are great. It makes me feel like we are all in the same room together. I love the three way phone calls.

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