Bake Sales

4 05 2008

You know the story.


Hungry + grocery store trip = lots of time going up and down each aisle, salivating over junk food. 


The grumble from our tummies deters us from making any sort of healthy decision.  During the process, the grocery cart takes on the appearance of 5 year old’s birthday party. Gummy bears, Oreo’s, Doritos, Capri-suns, marshmallow paste, a gallon size jar of peanut butter and enough ice cream to give you a head ache for a week.  We are inherently weak creatures and can’t seem explain our behavior, but I am certain the supermarkets don’t mind.  I can only hope that next time, the 5 year old girl who puts all those things in my cart will explain herself to the checkout lady, darn it.  Where is she?


You know, it is hard to resist all those sugary things when you are hungry.  It is not just supermarkets, Girl Scout cookies are always there just when you started your diet and need to make a quick dash into the store.  Two boxes of Do-Si-Do’s, and a box of Thin Mints later you emerge feeling guilty and fat. 


Guilt and food I understand, but somehow I am able to push aside all feelings of angst when it comes to bake sales.  Red velvet cupcakes, peanut butter melt-away cake, coconut pecan pound cake, rice crispy treats, and lot of other glorious items. Giddy excitement overcomes me at just the thought.


Last week at church, the youth group sponsored a fundraising bake sale for an upcoming mission trip.  Recall ESS (empty stomach syndrome) at the grocery store? Well, the church is no stranger to bake sales.  Luckily, we have two services.  The first service congregants are usually starving because they skipped breakfast to ready the family and drive to church at breakneck speeds.  The second service is equally as hungry but this group is ready for lunch/supper.  Like road vultures, both groups circle the bake sale after their service, and quickly buy a treat.  These are the families that never make it out of the church parking lot before clearing the disposable platter. 


If you are anything like me, you had good intentions of willfully walking by, writing a check and leaving the cakes to some other needy soul.  However, over the course of the service you recall thinking the angel food cake, with strawberries on the side, winked at you and that it must be yours. 


Poor Mrs. “walker bound” Wheeler didn’t stand a chance to get the banana pudding that arrived at the end of the service.  If you and Mrs. Wheeler missed the banana pudding, enjoy a Sunday afternoon and make your own or sugar crash into a local bake sale.






5 responses

5 05 2008

Adorable, Becks! And that Peanut Butter Meltaway cake was yummy!

5 05 2008

Golly gumdrops… your shopping trolley sounds like mine….
Popping over from Facebook to say Happy New Blog! Have a scrumptious day.x

5 05 2008

I want to be able to “digg this” Can you make this possible for your readers and Fans? Thanks so Much girls, this blog is AWESOME!! And you two are soooo cute, I hope to be able to meet you two in the south someday!

7 05 2008

Just a heads up that bake sale #2 is this Sunday. So pick something scrumptious up for your momma!

7 05 2008

Where is this yummy bake sale, and is it open to all Jacksonians? And most importantly, will there be PB Meltaway cake again?!

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