Now, for a Proper Introduction

30 04 2008


The Girls

We figured it’s time for us to meet all of you splendid readers out there!


So… Meet, the Girls.

Hi, y’all! We’re Becky and Ginger! We met in October of 2006, working in Jacksonville, Florida. Over countless lunches at the Garden Shed Café, behind our office, we quickly discovered a mutual love for all things Southern.


Well, I guess it started way before all this.


Becky: “Born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida, where my father is a chef, and my mother is a music minister at church, my life is a ménage of their loves and also integrally affected by living in the south.  I have been blessed to travel and study abroad but lucky enough to realize the south is a little piece of heaven. 

Don’t fret, I do not subscribe to any theories of the south succeeding from the good old US of A, but I am partial to sweet tea, grits, roadside stands, Sunday school, winding porches and rocking chairs. 

There is something so soothing about seeing the sun rise over the mountains, or fog roll in over the pasture and even when you think the humidity and mosquitoes will run you ragged, the ocean’s breeze reminds you to be thankful and love each day while the ‘gettins good.’”


Ginger: “It’s Ginger here now! I was born and raised in the South. That’s the only way to put it. I came into the world and spent much of my time growing up (summers, every weekend we could spare…) in Lexington, Kentucky. That’s home to me. I love the blue grass, the rows and rows of beautiful fences surrounding pastures of thoroughbred horses grazing, and especially visiting my parents in their old, historic home in the heart of downtown. But growing up, my family soon moved to Nashville, Tennessee and then later to Birmingham, Alabama. I’ve also lived in Southaven, Mississippi; Memphis, Tennessee; and Jackson, Tennessee. Whew! So, as you see, I’m a southern girl through and through. And from all these different areas, enjoyable customs, loyal friends, and definitely a close-knit family.

About two years ago, my husband and I headed down to Jacksonville, Florida, on our honeymoon, stopping in Birmingham, Atlanta, and Savannah along the way. We moved down here for Matthew to be commissioned as an officer into the United States Navy. I’ve fallen in love with living 3 miles from the beach, live oak trees, and the laid-back lifestyle that Florida offers.

Becky has become a dear friend, both at work, and around the town. We both love to spend an early summer evening sitting at a wrought-iron table at the Lemon Bar, or heading to the theatre to watch a good foreign film, and especially making each other come by respective desks each day to check out the other’s outfit!”





One response

30 04 2008
Big John

Wow! You two sure are pretty little things. I know a lot of pretty girls where I live but I am too sht to talk to them. Maybe one day I wll get the courage.

I read the Sheryl Crow blog. Not that interesting but I am sure you will get better.

I hope the southern discussion really picks up! I love the south. This may sound stupid but one of my favorite movies about the south is DOC hollywood with Michael J. Fox. Boy, he sure is funny. Great actor! DOC Hollywood reminds me of where I grew up. Small town with fun local festivals.

Jacksonville is about as far south as you can go before it gets north again. All those damn yankees have invaded the majorty of Florida below you. I hope you don’t have to work with or hang around any of them folk. They make me want to run my head through a wall with their accents and not stop talking!

It appears to me that Ginger is more southern than Becky based on her roots. True southerners don’t talk like she types. True southerners like the south and don’t travel abroad. They are happy in the south!

I bet Ginger can some mean sweet tea!

Take care and keep me up on the south!

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