Sheryl Crow, A Southern Girl’s Rocker

29 04 2008

 Sheryl Crow is the southern girl’s rocker.  People either love her, or hate her, but I just love her.  While I am the girliest of girls (no dirt between my toes please —evidently, I hated dirt, fuzz, and even sand between my toes and the toes of others as a child.  It really explains so much about me but we can save that for another day), I often dream of being a rocker.  You know the type, Gwen Stefani, Pat Benatar, Chrissie Hynde and the Sheryl Crow’s of the world, but in all actuality I would probably be a Maria Osmond (no offence but good god!).   There is something about some of these rockers that is so motivating, but knowing me it is probably just the clothing I love!  

Nevertheless, seeing Sheryl live in concert, is amazing.  This being the second time to see her in concert, I think the most recent experience was the best.  Two years ago, we drove to Tampa to see her and John Mayer in a double headliner.  The show was outdoors, super relaxed and the weather beautiful.   Her show last night was a bit different.   The Times Union Center in Jacksonville is a bit stuffy for her crowd and for some reason people attending at this venue never stand up.  Here I am, a young, southern, single gal and I just paid $70 to sit down all night and blissfully watch Sheryl sing her heart out.  NO, I do not think so, that is just not me.  I am going to stand with the rest of the weekend rebels and stand/dance for as long as my TopShop wedges will hold me. 

Sheryl’s show included some of her best and my favorite songs, Strong Enough, If it Makes You Happy, Soak Up the Sun, My Favorite Mistake, and The First Cut is the Deepest (formerly Cat Steven’s cover, formerly Steven Demetre Georgiou.  How many times can you change your name?).  However, the better part of the show featured her new album, Detours.  This album wasn’t my favorite but I wasn’t initially impressed by Wildflower either.  Somehow along the way you fall into the melodies and change your mind. Perhaps all of the politics in this album, so readily accessible in my ipod pushed me away or perhaps it was the harshness in her tone but all was forgotten to see even the songs I hated performed live.  Nothing, absolutely nothing can compare to a live performance.  Her band, back-up singers, lighting and sheer personality on stage gets me every single time, well, at least the two times I’ve seen her live.

My only regret for the evening is that we didn’t hear “Lullaby for Wyatt.” It is true, Sheryl Crow is a phenomenal lyricist and while I may never be a rocker or even a southern rocker, I can put on my concert clothes and dream.





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