Jailhouse Baby Rivers

25 04 2008

Every good blues and jazz musician has a good stage name. Fats Domino, B. B. King, Duke Ellington, Muddy Waters.

Last night, my husband and I, in search of decent bar-b-que, ate at Sticky Fingers, a local “Memphis style” chain. We moved from Memphis to Jacksonville about two years ago, and haven’t had a good rack of dry rub ribs since. So, our hopes were high. As we sat and waited on those steamy plates full of pork, we immersed ourselves in the atmosphere–black and white photographs of musicians, soulful music, and a big sign guiding us how to pick our “Blues Name.” I’ll thank you to now call me by my new name. I’ll go by Ginger “Jailhouse Baby” Rivers.

The formula is pretty simple: pick a good and salty adjective for your first name, any old object for your middle name, and then a simple Southern last name. Or, use this guide with your initials.


First Initial

A = Fat

J = Boney

S = Blind

B = Muddy

K = Curly

T = Big

C = Crippled

L = Pretty

U = Yella

D = Old

M = Jailhouse

V = Toothless

E = Texas

N = Peg Leg

W = Screamin’

F = Hollerin’

O = Red

X = Fat Boy

G = Ugly

P = Sleepy

Y = Washboard

H = Brown

Q = Bald

Z = Steel-Eye

I = Happy

R = Skinny




Middle Initial

A = Bones

J = Fingers

S = Bad Boy

B = Money

K = Boy

T = Baby

C = Harp

L = Liver

U = Chicken

D = Legs

M = Gumbo

V = Pickles

E = Eyes

N = Foot

W = Sugar

F = Lemon

O = Mama

X = Cracker

G = Killer

P = Back

Y = Tooth

H = Hips

Q = Duke

Z = Smoke

I = Lips

R = Dog




Last Initial

A = Jackson

J = Washington

S = Davis

B = McGee

K = Smith

T = Franklin

C = Hopkins

L = Parker

U = White

D = Dupree

M = Lee

V = Jenkins

E = Green

N = Thompkins

W = Bailey

F = Brown

O = King

X = Johnson

G = Jones

P = Bradley

Y = Blue

H = Rivers

Q = Hawkins

Z = Allison

I = Malone

R = Jefferson



Now all you need is a good name for your best girl–your guitar.


What’s your Blues alter-ego?







One response

29 04 2008
Big John

I love Blues music but it makes me too sad. I have to go home after listening to it to curl up in the fetal position and cry myself to sleep. Please, don’t be sad for me though, I may be single and lonely but my pet cat and I love spending time together.

This is my first time to your blog. This is great! I love all things southern! Especially southern women! I am moving on to the Sheryl Crowe article next!

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